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How to know WHAT to buy and WHEN to buy.

Most investment strategies do not take into account the one thing that always happens.

Stocks and sectors continuously move in and out of favor

You need a strategy that identifies:

1. What parts of the market are moving in favor.

2. What stocks in the new favorite parts of the market are investors just starting to buy.

TPA-RRG uses Really Relative Rotation Graphs to score and rank 27 sectors and every stock in the Russell 1000 to identify where investors should be to outperform the market. Then, we provide the top and bottom-ranked stocks so you can act!

TPA-RRG has put the strategy to the test every week since 4/22/22 by buying the top 10 ranked stocks and selling short the bottom 10 stocks in the Relative Rotation Fund. This tracking fund has outperformed the S&P500 by 16%. Importantly, the strategy has consistently outperformed the market since its inception (the chart below is as of 2/3/23).

Investors cannot buy the Relative Rotation Fund, but they can receive the TPA-RRG Report every Monday. The report will:

1. Identify the Top 20 and Bottom 20 ranked stocks in the Russell 1000

2. Rank 27 sectors of the market

3. Provide commentary on the market, sectors and top and bottom-ranked stocks

4. Show in RRG videos how stocks and sectors have moved in and out of favor

5. Provide scores and rankings for all stocks in the Russell 1000

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