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NEW - Relative Rotation Graphs (RRG) with scores and rankings!!

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

We have used Relative Rotation Graphs (RRG) for years. It is a powerful tool. Although it simplifies the process of relative strength and momentum, it still requires looking at multiple charts to do a thorough analysis.


Now, TPA-RRG simplifies RRG by scoring and ranking every stock in the Russell 1000 and 26 sectors and subsectors according to RS Ratio and RS Momentum.

· What is hot and what is not.

TPA-RRG captures the inevitable movement of stocks into and out of favor.

· Scores and ranking

Clients can quickly see which stocks are showing the best and worst relative strength characteristics. TPA found that using RRG’s was very beneficial, but cumbersome, so we simplified the process by creating a score for each stock and sector.

· The best of both worlds – RRG & TPA

Now, clients can use TPA-RRG scores and rankings to identify stocks that are not only moving into favor, but are also technically positive.

· TPA-RRG analyzes every stock in the Russell 1000 and 26 major sector & subsector ETFs

Included in the Weekly TPA-RRG Report

1. The weekly TPA RRG Report will provide RRG Scores, Rankings, RRG’s and a RRG Video for:

· 26 Major Sector and Subsector ETFs

· Top 20 & Bottom 20 stocks in the Russell 1000 - based on TPA’s RRG and Trend-Range analysis

2. The report will also include:

· TPA RRG scores and rankings for the focus stocks in the 11 major sectors ETFs and 15 major subsectors ETFs. Provided in a separate PDF

3. Finally, TPA will provide a weekly commentary on TPA-RRG Scores and Rankings

You can learn more about RRG’s with these links:

Relative Rotation Graphs (RRG) – explanation video

RRG – written explanation

Click here for the 3/28/22 TPA-RRG Report.

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