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TPA introduces VOICE-a way to measure the epidemic in market value lost.


In an attempt to get an objective and relative view of what is happening regarding the Coronavirus Epidemic worldwide and the incredible value destruction since the S&P500’s all time high just 20 days ago, TPA has developed VOICE (Value Of Infected Cases Everywhere). Using data from Worldometer, a trusted source that gets its data from the United Nations Population Division, World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Monetary Fund (IMF), and World Bank.

VOICE (Value Of Infected Cases Everywhere) score merely measures the market cap lost in major markets around the world and divides that number by the number of Coronavirus cases in each country.

The table below ranks countries by their VOICE or market cap lost per case. The numbers are staggering, but also show a vast difference between what value has been lost in different countries.

1. While the VOICE or market cap lost per case in Hong Kong is $2.4 billion may be less meaningful since the Hang Seng is representative of all China (over 80,000 cases) not just of the 193 cases in Hong Kong.

2. Taiwan, however, has a VOICE of $2.3 billion (108 cases)

3. The U.S. has a VOICE of $1.16 billion (over 9400 cases)


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TPA has also included other information from the Worldmeters site below:

- Infected, recovered and totals

- Total cases

- Daily new cases

- Growth factor

- World distribution

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