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TPA's weekly Top 10 Buys and Top 10 Sells

Every Monday TPA publishes a list of its Recent Top 10 Buys and Top 10 Sells. These are high conviction recommendations that have recently been sent to TPA clients. The report is useful for individuals and RIA’s since it provides an ACTION level, the percent distance from action levels, and annotated charts. It is also easy for quick and easy to understand ideas.

Click HERE for this week’s Top 10 Buys and Top 10 Sells

TPA clients receive full recommendations with explanations and relevant charts and tables in daily reports. Recommendations are a product of TPA’s proprietary Trend-Range process; used by top money managers for the past 11 years (explanation below)




1. Uptrend stocks trading below short term moving averages:

Possible buy at uptrend support (chart 1)

Possible sell if medium-term trend break (chart 2)

2. Downtrend stocks trading above short-term moving averages

Possible sell at downtrend resistance (chart 3)

Possible buy if medium-term trend break (chart 4)

3. Range stocks (low trend strength) at the top or bottom 10% of their 2 STD DEV Bollinger Band

Possible buy at bottom of range (chart 5)

Possible sell at top of range (chart 6)

Medium-term Trend Strength determined by DMI ADX

Uptrend – trend strength & DMI+ > DMI-

Downtrend – trend strength & DMI- > DMI+

Range – low trend strength

Actionable stocks fit one of the 6 TPA charts at the bottom of this report

TPA looks first to Trend-Range for actionable ideas. Other variables must also be examined including, but not confined to, TPA’s ongoing macro investment themes, relative strength compared to the market, sector, and subsector, overbought or oversold characteristics, other technical patterns that may exist, patterns that involve fundamentals or EPS surprise, longer-term support and resistance levels, and longer-term uptrends and downtrend lines.

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