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Investment Performance issues? Try this...

Underperformance issues? Don’t change your strategy (the WHAT), add TPA to improve WHEN and WHERE you buy.

After 11 years of serving a small group of very large institutions, TPA now offers its research services to broader range of investment managers, which will include RIA's and CFP's. TPA’s new subscription model will allow more managers access to the same alpha producing research.

TPA has developed its original Trend-Range model into a powerful set of tools that work as an effective overlay to a manager’s good fundamental process.

1. Trend-Range - determines whether a security is trending or rangebound and sets inflection points accordingly. Alerts are identified and evaluated regularly. If an alert meets all of the requirements, it becomes a high conviction buy or sell recommendation, which is sent to subscribers.

2. TPA - scans over 10,000 securities every day. Has sent clients over 300 recommendations each year for 10 years (over 3600 in total).

3. 6 Charts – high conviction recommendations usually approximate one of the 6 compelling charts below:

4. Weekly Top 10 Buys and Top 10 Sells - These are ecent high conviction recommendations. Technically positive for Buys and Techncialy negative for Sells WITH ACTION LEVELS.

5. Other TPA Reports - fill in the market picture and provide context:

· World Snapshot – TPA develops larger macro themes that are used to inform investment

· TPA Canaries in the Coalmine – alert levels for important market and economic variables

· Benchmark Optimizer – identifies relative value opportunities

· The Forgotten Stock Report – stocks trading at the low of their 4-year trading range that are finally moving higher.

Take a few minutes to find out more and change the direction of your performance!

Jeff Marcus


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