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Turning Point Analytics

46 Turtle Cove Road

East Sandwich, MA 02537

Phone: 508-776-0068


Jeff Marcus speaking at the 2020 Investment Summit

Jeff Marcus founded Turning Point Analytics (TPA) in 2009 after 25 years on trading desks and 13 years as a head trader to provide strategic and technical research to institutional clients.  It had become increasingly clear to Mr. Marcus that fundamental analysis must be coupled with opportunistic timing to achieve superior performance.  Turning Point Analytics (TPA) provides a unique strategy that works as an overlay to clients’ good fundamental analysis.  In this way, the research is a combination of micro and macro and strategic in nature.  The process works to optimize entry and exit points and add alpha.

Jeff has traded for or managed the trading desks of the following investment firms:

    Libra Advisors           New York, NY               

    Target Investors        Wilton, CT                     

    Lehman Brothers      New York, NY               

    Currahee Capital       White Plains, NY

    CF Partners                New York, NY

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